Tuesday, January 08, 2013

This Will Not End Well

Gawker just published a list... 
(I'm not linking to it... Screw them...no clicks from me...)

Here Is a List of All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City
by John Cook   

Last month, the Journal News sparked a firestorm of protest when it published a mappable database of every licensed gun owner in Westchester and Rockland counties, north of New York City. The paper obtained the data—which New York state law explicitly and unambiguously demands be made public—through open records requests. The reaction was swift and furious—gun rights and privacy advocates published the names and addresses of the paper's editors in retaliation, and the paper (ironically) hired armed guards to protect against threats....
446 Pages of trouble...

This is the EXACT problem with a national gun registry.



kx59 said...

I saw that earlier today as well.
The libtards are playing with fire.
One of the legal blogs I frequent noted that these folks could be opening themselves up to a major lawsuit. The other downside is they are providing a list of sheep by process of elimination, for the goblins to shear.

Bug said...

Prisoners are going up to their guards and telling them "You live at xxxx". Abuse victims that have been safe for years have started getting hangup calls within 2 days of that being published. 'Regular' people may not have much of a voice against the idiot/superior liberal media, but hopefully they've overreached far enough this time to cause enough uproar.

Meanwhile in CT, that is specifically against the law. yet another reason to move OUT of NY.

I had not heard the armed guard part. typical hypocrites.