Saturday, January 05, 2013

Let Me Do The Maths For You...

Celsius        Fahrenheit
     45                113
     44                111
     42                107
     40                104
     38                100
     36                97
     34                93
     30                86
     28                82
     24                75
     20                68
So when I tell you that the headline reads:
"Sydney Bracing for 40+ by Midweek"
I'm not trying to make people in the US jealous by singing Summertime Blues.

I'm just sayin' working down here ain't all Victoria Bitters and shrimps prawns on the barbie.

Yeah- that dark red part means "Burnt to a crisp if you go outside".

WEATHER forecasters are predicting the nation will experience its hottest ever day early in the week, the average national temperature set to climb above 40C.

Within reach is the current record of 40.17 degrees, set on December 21, 1972. Heat records have tumbled across the country, including yesterday's highest ever recorded temperature in Hobart (41.3C) and Thursday's 48.2C scorcher in the Nullarbor border town of Eucla.

Although Sydney has so far been spared by cooling sea breezes, that is going to chnage with 40s by Tuesday, and inland NSW has cooked with peak temperatures of 45.1C in Wilcannia and 45C in Bourke, and 43.6C at the Riverina town of Hay.

 In Victoria, the mercury climbed past 44C in the northwest of the state, while the Mornington Peninsula was left without power. Hopetoun recorded the highest temperature in the state, hitting 44.4C at 5.30pm Dartmoor, in the states west, was the first to reach 40C, and by 5.30pm it had rocketed to 42.1C, with Mildura jutting ahead at 43.5C and Nhill 43.1C.

Melbourne reached 40.2C at 3.20pm.

In Queensland, the temperature at Birdsville topped out at 47.3C. Across the border, South Australian towns were in meltdown.

Adelaide reached a near-record 45C, while the granite town of Wudinna, population 513, earned the unenviable title of Australia's hottest town yesterday with 48.2C, closely followed by the coastal town of Port Augusta at 47.6C - its hottest ever day.
I'm feeling sorry for SpongeMark Squarehands- He's down in Hobart Taz, where it was 37 degrees inside their server room... The servers at his site have had their heat alarms tripping continuously since Wednesday... Holy crap on a cracker!

I'm just miserable as I roam the Sydney Olympic Tennis Park helping folks with their WiFi and fixing IT issues... I really feel for the players- the courts are a rubber composite that absorbs and radiates heat - It's probably 5 to 10 degrees (F) hotter on the court...

Ok... Enough bitching...
Coffee break's over.. I have to get get back on my head.


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