Sunday, January 06, 2013

Ruminations On A Common Argument

One thing I hear quite often when discussing the 2nd Amendment, aside form the laughable "Muskets Only" and "They'll let you keep your hunting guns." BS...

When I discuss that the main reason is not about hunting or target shooting- they idea was to fight tyranny - to keep the Government from getting oppressive AGAIN and the populace being unable to implement a draconian solution, people love to argue about capability.
"You're going to take on the US Army/National Guard/Obama's Brownshirts/Police?"
The obvious answer is 'Yes.'

There are 2 aspects of this- one is, will the US Army/National Guard/Police actually enforce a disarmament/confiscation order? If Katerina is any indication, the answer is yes...
If THAT happens, then a whole new kettle of fish starts to boil- to wit: Insurgencies.

I was watching a series here in Sydney that follows a EOD team in Afghanistan on their daily routine.
It's some pretty hairy stuff... Some pretty primitive IEDs and the weapon of choice for the enemy being a AK 47...
But it got me thinking-
If the situation was turned around- if Threepers in the US, with the access to chemicals and some much better long-distance weaponry, comms hardware- etc, wanted to make life miserable for the forces that are tasked to do the collecting... Well... The Brownshirts will encounter situations / conditions that will make Afghanistan look like taking candy from a baby.
(Maybe a better analogy is needed... Have you ever TRIED taking candy from a baby?)

Regardless- the Left seems to think most US gun owner are just gap-toothed slack-jawed droolers who wear camo and can only shout "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!"...or are they just 'projecting'?
Perhaps they are the victims of a exceptionally biased media that only wants to show the fringe elements that advance their agenda, and are incapable of understanding the breadth and depth of the intelligence and capabilities of law-abiding gun owners...
I think, should push come to shove, things will be quite different than they imagine.
I can just see my man McThag as a latter-day Francis Marion, sabotaging the Brownshirts from a base deep in the swamps of Free Florida Territories...

Keep your powder dry...


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Angus McThag said...

Kilted swamp fox? FABULOUS!

What gets overlooked so often about an insurgency here is that our troops rely on having a safe and warm place to come home to.

That would be denied. They likely wouldn't even be able to leave for duty knowing their families are safe.

Who said insurgency was a clean way to wage war?

The US military has never fought with a large portion of its citizens actively opposed to its activities in its rear areas.