Sunday, January 06, 2013

A World Without Guns - Really?

I picked this up from Tam's site...

Basically it is a treatment of Human Nature and firearms-

Tam said:
Remember that 'world without guns' post I wrote the other day? Well, Tim at Gun Nuts Media took the ball and ran with that sucker. Expect to find this essay in your email inbox within the next six months, credited to a "Maj. Caudill, USMC".
With that kind of lead-in I had to go RTWT...
(Besides, it was either that or go clean up the pool of possum piss behind the server rack...but that's another story entirely.)

The whole thing is awesome, but the money quote for me was:
Lots of people like to mindlessly chant that violence is never the answer, but when the chanters dial 911 they aren’t hoping that a philosopher or ethicist shows up to try and convince the bad man to cease being bad. They want a dude with a gun.
It kinda reminds me of when the reporter for Ebony magazine asked Richard Pryor if he believed in God... He said something like 'When you're running down the street with your head on fire, you don't call on the Bank of America.'

( Read the whole thing. Tell your friends to read it.)

Gotta go clean up possum piss now...


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