Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Classic 2009

Strange mix: Hockey & Baseball

Seems like only a year ago we were doing this in Buffalo...



Luc said...

Before Annie asks, did you bring a coat this time?

The Big Guy said...

I have twice the number of t-shirts that I brought last year so I could double up.


Annie in SC said...

Thanks, Luc! What would TBG do without us? :)

TBG (aka "Jay Frost"), I would imagine double t-shirts would at least help ... some. (I shudder with cold just thinking about anyone being up there with no "gear.")

So, you would have laughed at me on New Year's Eve. It was bitter raw cold here in Chucktown that night and we were outside at a friend's waterfront house for a cookout and fireworks show. Even though we had a bonfire that I got as close to as possible without igniting, I looked like an Eskimo with everything covered up (in layers) except my eyes while trying to figure out how to drink cold beer without freezing myself from the inside out. Otherwise, it was a beautiful night-I just love this town!

Stay warm! Both of you!