Monday, December 29, 2008

Teflon Urkel

More blatant disregard for the Law by Barry Hussein Urkel.

I wonder if Urkel is going to catch any heat from the Tree Hugger Crowd, or maybe even some criminal sanctions from the EPA for breaking the CFRs regarding the scattering of ashes...
(Twice, no less...)

According to the EPA's website:

Disposal location and measures - Non-cremated remains

Burial at sea of human remains that are not cremated shall take place at least 3 nautical miles from land and in water at least 600 feet deep. Certain areas, including east central Florida, the Dry Tortugas, Florida and west of Pensacola, Florida to the Mississippi River Delta, require water at least 1800 feet deep. Refer to the Code of Federal Regulations at 40 CFR 229.1 for details. All necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that the remains sink to the bottom rapidly and permanently.

Disposal location and measures - Cremated remains

Cremated remains shall be buried in or on ocean waters without regard to the depth limitations specified for non-cremated remains in paragraph 2 above provided that such burial takes place at least three nautical miles from land.

"After the service, he and his family members scattered her ashes off the cliffs into the Pacific."

I'm not an expert, but this doesn't look like three miles to me...

(This might be the second offense..."Secret Service security keeps a close watch as Obama, oldest daughter Malia and sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, among others, make their way down to the rocky shoreline. Together, they spread the ashes of Madelyn Dunham. It's the same spot Obama paid tribute to his mother last August. She died in 1995."
This seems to me to imply they scattered his mother's ashes here also...)

Where is the EPA on this? Where is the Mainstream Media?

As noted earlier, this guys can get away with anything...
Will the media honeymoon ever end?



T-Rav said...

Seriously, who friggin cares if someone spreads ashes of a dead relative. That is why the media is not covering it. He would have done more environmental harm by farting on the beach. Mark my word, my dad has already requested his ashes be spread in a certain location - law or no law, they will be spread.

The Big Guy said...

Hi Trav-
(Sorry it took so long to publish this- I kinda forgot about it when I got the comment notifier...)

Just a couple things-

I just said "I wonder"... Not "Urkel is a scofflaw scumbag...".

Second item...
The law is the law. You can choose to break it if you feel so inclined. You must also be ready to face the consequences if you are caught breaking the law.

But, it is hard truth that No One Is Above The Law- Not Nixon, Bush, or His Oneness.
If you feel exempt from one law, where do you draw the line? I can disobey EPA laws? What about DEA laws?
Well, we all know he smoke(ed)(s?) dope...
What is the line that delineates "Laws to Obey" and "Laws to Ignore"?

I would think (and there I go thinkin' again...)
he'd want to tread high and tight, and be A Good Example Of Shining Brightness.

[Oh yeah- having just spent the better part of a week in Urkel's old stomping ground and enjoyed a hometown-view of the Blago-Gate...
It is accepted far and wide and for years beyond belief that Illinois politics is some of the most corrupt in the US... (Only rivaled by Louisiana and some parts of Noo Yawk Citty...) Do you think Urkel is just pure-as-driven-snow and has never ever been part of any corruption and is complete innocent of any political wrongdoing in his career?
This is a question I'd really like you to answer... You seem to have a penchant for defending His Urkelness. What say you?]

And item "C"- (I'm not very good at classifying things sometimes)

What, exactly, are you implying about The Sainted Light Bringer The Urkel's gaseous emanations? His flatus has some mysterious power that should be somehow be regulated by the EPA?

Now I see why everyone holds him in such awe...

Augusta is comin'...
Wear your drinking skirt. It's gonna get ugly.


T-Rav said...

The answer to your question... No one becomes President of the US without a little corruption along the line - NO ONE! I'm not that naive. Like from A Few Good Men... You don't get to that position without knowing how to side step a few land mines.

The Big Guy said...

"Ghod damn it, Smith! You're a ghod damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a ghoddamn I.Q. of 160. You are ghoddamn gifted, Smith."

Seriously. ;)

So... there is an acceptable amount of corruption.

What, in your humble opinion, is an acceptable amount of law-breaking?
Let's start with the "Knowns"...

Marijuana use.
Cocaine use.
Political Graft.
(Illinois Bar Association and IL Attorney Records and Discipline Commission)

And the "Maybes"
Election Fraud
(Citizenship issue still unresolved)
Selective Service Fraud
(Not registering for SS)
Instigation of Election Fraud
(ACORN, registrations, multivotes, etc.)

What else should we turn a blind eye toward?

Not that any of this matters a bit at this point...The voters have spoken.
I'm just wondering home much change I can hope to have in my pocket after the next 4 years.

That, and wondering how long it will be before the next AWB or even worse, massive changes to the 2nd Amendment.
Ready to give up your guns, if The Urkel tells you that he thinks you shouldn't have them any more?

I'm just sayin'...

(Hold on a second... I need to go add some more tinfoil to my hat.)