Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Wonder If I Would Get Away With That?

In regards to the Blagojevich / Obama report-
Barry "Don't mention my middle name" Obama:
'We checked it out. We didn't do anything wrong.'

If I get audited by the IRS I'm going to use the same defense.
"I had a look. It all looks good to me. Don't worry about it."

Think it would fly?

Then why should we turn a blind eye to The One's assertion?

By the way, what about the comment that if Blago appointed Urkel's choice, all he'd get would be "appreciation"?
Doesn't that imply that a conversation regarding "compensation" took place?
Regardless of outcome, (quid pro quo or not) wouldn't it be logical and, dare I say, they have a moral responsibility to report Blago to the Attorney General regarding his efforts?

I guess not.
If you are The One, you are immune to any kind of accountability for any wrongdoing.

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