Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glow-Bull Warmening

So, Al... How does this fit into your graphs, charts and doom shouting?
I know all the folks in the Dakotas were counting on your predictions so they'd have palm trees and mojitos on the front porch in January this year.

I would suggest using something other than the Weather Channel for your
forecasting needs... 'Cause these jerkoffs don't know shit about weather.

I don't know if y'all noticed it but they are changing the glow-bull warmening buzzwords-
They don't call it "Global Warming" any more; They refer to it as "Anthropomorphic Climate Change", that way they can point to any abberation in the weather cycle and scream about the demise of the Earth unless this or that industry, occupation, task or pastime is measured, calibrated, taxed, and regulated out of existence.


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Luc said...

Amen brother!!!

-4°F with the wind chill here in Montreal today ... -25 last night ... Do I need to say it again? Global warming my frenchie ass!

BTW, what had you taken the day they shot the picture on the IDS Xmas card??? You seem so happy :)