Sunday, December 14, 2008

Heading Home

Another successful trip.

10 lbs Shrimp
1 case Bud Light
8 rib eye steaks
18 cans Lite Beer
10 lbs Stone Crab Claws
12 cans Corona Extra Cerveza
12 chicken breasts
18 cans A&W Root Beer
6 handles of Capt. Morgan
2 2-liter Coke
2 2-liter Coke Zero
2 liters of Absolut
6 bags assorted chips
7 layer dip
Many, many, nutrigrain bars
and Rice Crispy Treat bars.

And one horrible accident-
Glyn Williams tangled with a Man O' War...
Not pretty.
Pics to be posted soon on the DRTO Pirates site.

Tonight: The young'uns will be doing a Duval Crawl tonight in Key West.
To them I say,
"Go with God, be safe from Evil..."
I'm driving back to Jax tonite.



Bug said...

Wowzers!!! how'd you smuggle THAT much alcohol into a park? Amazing with that much per camper you didn't have more 'incidents' like last year's naked laps around the fort.

Annie in SC said...

What/where is the Pirates DRTO site? I need to know!!!