Friday, August 16, 2013

Day Two - Part II

One perennial favorite in the lower Keys is the No Name Pub.

Every exposed surface is covered with dollar bills. I've been going here forever...

I remember coming here with my folks back in the mid 60s, if that gives you an idea of it's legacy.

Oh look. Another photo op.

Lunch time.
Pete knew what he wanted...
Pete: "I'll have the grouper sandwich."
Excellent choice.
I checked through the rest of the menu but found nothing more interesting...
Pete: "Dude- it's a fish sandwich the size of your head. You know you want it..."
Yours Truly: "You're right. I'll take one too."

Lunch of Champions - Grouper Sandwich and a Strongbow

There were a couple other bikes outside the Pub...

A really old HD with sidecar...

Another one- not so old, but still a cool older BMW-
Pretty sweet.
Back on the road- KW is on the horizon.


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Old NFO said...

Oh damn, I remember those sandwiches... and the two day nap afterward...LOL