Monday, August 12, 2013

Damnit. Another Bike Purchase.

...And the best I can do is put 2 new tires and a full set of brake pads on my Japanese Sewing Machine.

Serially, though...
Borepatch got his ride and is tearing up the highways and byways of Atlanta...

And I got an email from Pete about his newly-acquired ride...

Ooooh. A nice Fat Boy.
Lots of chrome to keep polished.

Lucky bastards.

Pete's birthday is this weekend so a little celebration is in order.
Originally we planned on a long weekend in Vegas but his better half shook off the effects of the sedative and put the kibosh on The Hangover - Part 4 / Fear and Loathing Pepper Spray in Clark County.
But- a celebration must be had, hence another dose of benzodiazepine is applied, and voilà, permission to drink and debauch (within reason and bounds of martial covenants) in Key West is secured.

Watch this space- Weirdness is afoot.



Old NFO said...

So... do we need to start a bail fund??? :-)

The Big Guy said...

It'd probably be a good idea.