Thursday, August 22, 2013

AAR - Cayo Hueso

Things to do in Key West:
This is a pretty comprehensive list I use when someone asks me:
"Hey! I'm going to Key West- Is there anything to do down there?"
The links are mostly up to date.

Go para sailing
Rent a Jet Ski
Go SCUBA diving
Drink at Green Parrot
Rent a Kayak
Drink at Sloppy Joe's Bar
Go Skydiving
Drink at Captain Tony's Saloon
Ride the Conch Train Tour
Drink at Ricks
Take a Sunset Cruise
Drink at Turtle Kraals
Go lobster diving
Drink at Willy T's
Tour the Hemingway House
Drink at Irish Kevins
See Wyland Gallery
Drink at Lazy Gecko
Visit the Audubon House
Drink at The Bull
Go to Mallory Square for sunset
Drink at The Whistle
Swim at Smathers Beach
Drink at Hard Rock Cafe
Play with the stingrays at Key West Aquarium
Drink at Garden of Eden
Dry Tortugas trip
Drink at Sunset Tiki Bar
Go on an EcoTour
Drink at Rooftop Cafe on Front St.
Swim with Dolphins
Drink at Nick's Bar & Grill
Visit the Nature Conservatory
Drink at Santiago's Bodega
Go Backcountry Fishing for bonefish
Drink cafe con leche at M&M Laundry on White Street
Have conch fritters and bollos at the kiosk near the aquarium.
Drink espresso from Baby's Coffee
See a play at the Red Barn Theatre
Drink at Sunset Grill at Ocean Key
Take a Snorkeling trip
Drink at the Pier House
Go on a Reef Trip
Drink at Kelly's
Ride the Glass Bottom Boat
Drink at The Rum Barrel
Charter a Deep Sea Fishing boat
Drink at Island Dogs
Play a round of golf at the course on Stock Island
Drink at Two Friends
Play tennis
Drink at Conch Republic Seafood
Take a Seaplane Ride
Drink at Schooner Wharf
Go on a midnight Ghost Tour
Drink at The Afterdeck at Louie's Backyard
Go Wreck Diving
Drink at Dante's
See the Customs House Museum
Drink at Margaritaville
See the Atocha exhibit at Mel Fisher's Museum
Drink at Six-Toed Cat
Tour Martello Tower and see Robert the Doll
Drink at Grunt's Bar
Visit Fort Zach Taylor
Drink at A&B Lobster House
Tour the Key West Lighthouse
Drink at Chicos
See the Southernmost Point

What we did:

Breakfast at Pepe's
Lunch at No Name Pub with Kath the Viking.
Drinking at Carolines and making fun of the tourists.
Drinking at Hog's Breath and catching up with old friends.
Drinking at Half Shell and more catching up with more old friends.
Woke the dead at Solares Hill
Watched sunset from The Top at La Concha

Oh yeah, one more thing-
Fought a 25 knot crosswind for 511 miles.
I have a permanent right-hand list now from leaning into the wind the whole way back to Jax. Gah.

(No key deer were injured [by us at least] during this episode of drinking and debauchery.)



Luc said...

I guess there's a lot of drinking done in the keys...

The Big Guy said...


There is when I'm down there...

It always starts with "Can I buy you a drink?" and usually ends with pepper spray or handcuffs.

Old NFO said...

Heh... Glad y'all 'survived' the trip!

kx59 said...

I've done many of those things in key west...well the drinking part anyway.
I did do some fishing. I was appalled at the poor quality of the seafood in general.
The only bar I remember visiting for certain is hog's breath cuz I came home with a t-shirt.
I'm pretty sure I had a good time.