Friday, August 16, 2013

Day One - Southbound

So... The plan is to head south, meet up in Ft. Pierce where I-95 meets the Turnpike.
(I'm coming down 95, Pete's taking the Turnpike from O-Town.)

Then we'll head further south - hopefully make Homestead / Fla City before sundown since we didn't want to hit the 18 Mile "Death" Stretch at night.
 (I still get heebie-jeebies from driving the Stretch in my youth.)

But we didn't figure the rain delay...

I made it to Ft Pierce just before the rain came down.

Waiting on Pete, watching the rain fall.

He rolled in about 40 minutes behind schedule, wet but in good spirits...
We had to wait out a little more rain then got back on the road.

Just for the record- Miami drivers are still crazy/stupid/assholes.
Every one of them.
Add rain-slick highways to the Miami dumbasses and it throws a monkey wrench into the timetable.

9:30PM - We made Fla City for the overnight, and were back on the road at 8:00 AM.

Two wheels good, four wheels bad.


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