Tuesday, December 03, 2013

TR 2 - Krasnodar & Beyond

I've been a little remiss with keeping my 'blog current...
It's that damned Instagram easy posting is spoiling me.
(Instagram is blogging for people that can't write.)

So... I need to recount a few occurrences, just to preserve them for posterity...

First - Travel.

Austrian Airlines sucks.
No Economy Plus rows with those 2 extra inches of oh-so-important legroom...

And on asking about an emergency row, they wanted to charge an extra 70 Euros for a seat there, regardless of your airline Frequent Flier status.
Although in retrospect, I should have paid it. That was 8+ hours of hell.
Not sure the points were worth it.

The Vienna airport was nothing to remember except long walk and minimal services.

The arrival in Krasnodar, however, was quite the adventure...

Both Vienna and Krasnodar were 'get off the plane and get on the bus' exits. (Boarding too. WTF?)
I guess I'm a little spoiled by modern jetways and minimal exposure to the elements.

Also- KRR is a major construction zone... As a matter of fact, the airport is closed until 4pm every day for construction. It is supposed to be a backup airport for Sochi and they are under the gun to get it ready...
The bus dropped us off at the terminal and we had to cross 30m of broken ground and mud to get to the "terminal" to start passport control procedures. 
It was amusing to watch the ladies with their $$$ boots try to mince their way through the war zone.

On arriving in KRR I had surprising little trouble with Immigration & Customs... I was expecting the full rubber-glove-and-spotlight treatment, but all I got was a cursory glance and a couple stamps in my passport and I was on my way.

KRR airport. Tres chic, no?

St. Ass and I waited outside the Krasnodar International Airport for our transport- his brother-in-law Vakhtang. He chauffeured St. Ass and I all weekend- providing much needed transport, guidance and generally kept St. Ass in line and out of trouble...

The stories about my whirlwind tour of Krasnodar, Russian culture, family celebrations, and how I wound up with a 12ga o/u in my grubby paws in Russia are forthcoming... 

TBG - still hungover, but happy.

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