Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Krasnodar Invasion

The city of Krasnodar was originally named Екатеринода́р, in honor of Catherine the Great's gift of the land to the Black Sea Cossacks. Yekaterinodar = Catherine's Gift...

And in the manner typical of the period after the 1917 Revolution, a renaming was in order. The city became Krasnodar (krasno = Red, dar=gift - hence 'the gift of the Reds')

St.Ass and Vakhtang took great pains to introduce me to Krasnodar correctly...
First - a trip to the market.
Where, of course, I made a spectacle of myself.

I'm going to need a bigger spoon.

The salmon and caviar were amazing...
We procured samples of each, to be enjoyed later.

A photo op with Salmon Girl... She was a really good sport for letting us sample her stock. I think she was a little frightened at first, be she warmed up after we actually bought stuff.

Then we were off to the meat market...

"I'll take some of this Speck, some of the snausage...and that paprika-covered pressed beef...and..."

"Ooh! And the shrimp! And the squid salad! And the pickled salmon! Hell, just give me a big shovelful of each one!"

Jeebus, I had to get out of there!
We were getting a little bit of everything- and I wanted to avoid the candy and the bakery section.
That could only end in tears.

Ok... Let's see the city.
We took a long walk up Krasnaya ulitsa, starting at the Orthodox Church and the monument to Catherine and the Cossacks.

St. Cathrine Orthodox Church

Y'know... I'll bet this is an Ingress portal...
But, no 4G, so I won't know until later.

St.Ass and Yours Truly at Kate the Great's monument.

A statue inspired by a poem about the dogs of Krasnodar...
Its supposed to be good luck to pat them on the nose or head.

I like how they merge the double headed eagle (symbol of the Czar's patronage of the Black Sea Cossacks) and the all-seeing surveillance camera... Nice.
(The stylized E is the symbol for Ekaterina- Catherine to us unwashed barbarians.)

Monument to the Cossacks, in front of an old Soviet building.

Another monument to St. Catherine on Krasnaya ulitsa.
Seems like you can't swing a rat on a string without hitting a statue or monument.

After a long stroll down the boulevard, we headed to our next close encounter:
A birthday party for St.Ass's cousin...

They tell me there will be much booze. I can hardly wait.

TBG - (The Beverage Guzzler)

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