Saturday, December 21, 2013

Radio Silence

Yeah- I know. I've been a little heads-down this week...
Lots to do and poor conditions to do it in.
(Hint: 102 degrees on Thursday, 98 on Friday. And I'm working in a tent without 'aircond' as they call it here. So basically I'm sitting in a huge canvas oven;
Hope these cat-5 connections can take having sweat dripped on them and still work.)

 So- needing a little R&R and to let me rehydrate I went walkabout driveabout (as opposed to last year's rideabout).

This year I've been graced with a car- a Mitsubishi ASX...
Which is awesome if your a 5'1" onesie-wearing hot chocolate drinker...
Not so much when you're 6'5".
I cut quite the dashing figure as I unfold myself from it.
(Seriously, there has been laughter. For a moment or two...)

I headed south this time- I saw a nice geographic feature a couple hours south of Sydney while perusing Google Maps...

It's really cool when you see that the 'shoreline' is actually pretty high cliffs.

Hence the name "Point Perpedicular"

I shot a little video... The wind was whipping from the south at about 20-25knots

The was a small sailboat- maybe a 30 footer, heading up the coast...
This should give you an idea on the height of these cliffs.

Running on a half-furled jib and hauling ass...

Near the edge, we have a nice reminder from Captain Obvious:

Half of the area is a still-in-regular use bombing range...
The have signage about every 100' or so running along the dirt track out to Point Perpendicular...

So... there are two takeaways from Beecroft Peninsula.
1. Don't fall off the cliffs.
2. Don't leave the road.


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