Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting Talked About

Notoriety - I doesn't need it.

I was getting some fresh towels down at the front desk last weekend...
(They don't service the rooms on Sunday. Go figger.)
Front Desk Clerk One: "For 708? Right."
Yours Truly: "Yep."
FDC1: "You're with TennisAustralia, right? What do you do for them?"
YT: "Just IT stuff- network, phones, internet..."
FDC1: "Oh..." She had a puzzled look.
YT: "Is there something wrong?"
FDC1: No...Um...You don't look techie."
YT: "I'll take that as a compliment. I think."
 - - -
Today, talking to a different FDC about an issue in the laundry room:
FDC2: "...we'll take care of that. You're in 708- You're the techie with TA?"
YT: "Yes Ma'am." She knows I'm a tech? Hmmm.
FDC2 gives me an over-the-glasses look. "Really?"
YT: "Yes... Why?"
FDC2: "Oh, no reason."
My turn for the over the glasses look.
YT: "No, now, why does everyone keep asking what I do for TA?"
She looks around, checking for eavesdroppers.
FDC2: "There's been discussion that you are a policeman."
YT: "How's that?"
FDC2: "Just speculation. No reason."
YT: "Hmm. Nope. Not a cop. Just a tech."
FDC2: "Okay... If you say so."
YT: "Seriously. You want me to come back there and configure a router for you, or maybe crimp you a Cat-5 cable?"
FDC2: "No... I believe you."
YT: "I should hope so... But seriously, why do folks think I'm a cop?"
FDC2: "No idea. That's just the chatter."

Hmmm. Chatter about the Big Guy in 708.

I think I figured out why...

I had brought along an old issue of Concealed Carry magazine on the trip just to have something to read in case I needed a break from my iPad. I threw it on the nightstand when I cleaned out my backpack the other day looking for some odd or end in the bottom of the pack.

Mystery solved...

This brings up a new idea.
I will definitely pick up some other similar reading material for my trip to Sochi;
Maybe it will make the housekeeping staff give the room a little more attention...
(Them or the Russian NSA-analog. They're probably one in the same anyway.)



jon spencer said...

Should just send them here, that ought to set them straight.
Or really get the rumors going.

Jennifer said...

Heh. Maybe experiment with various magazines. Somehow I don't think Cat Fanciers would get the same reaction.

Borepatch said...

LOL. And the Russian dudes you're talking about is the FSB. It's the KGB with a new logo. Don't leave any electronics in your room there.


Old NFO said...

ROTF, you just LIKE stirring it up don't ya... :-) Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm disappointed that they didn't think you were a gynecologist....;-)

The Czar of Muscovy said...

I believe the Russian's equivalent for the NSA is Snowden, right now.