Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Obama Presidency in One Word

...and the word is "Under".

The entire "Chicago-style" administration is run as a textbook example of 'Underworld'.

Most of the administration staff (Holder? Jarrett? Emanuel?) fly UNDER the radar, and never endure the scrutiny of an honest media.

If one of these 'chosen ones' screw the pooch, it's all swept UNDER the rug...

But, if you are one of the more mundane peons in the O-ministration and you piss off one of the chosen few or even worse the Lightbringer hisself- well, you'll find yourself UNDER the bus faster than you can say 'redistribution'.



chiefjaybob said...

And money is passed UNDER the table (Solyndra. Fisker. How many others?). He consistently UNDERperforms. "Under" is a great word for this mess.

Old NFO said...

Oh so true!!!