Friday, February 20, 2009

Quote of the Day - Feb 20th

"There are those in America today who have come to depend absolutely on government for their security. And when government fails, they seek to rectify that failure in the form of granting government more power.
So, as government has failed to control crime and violence with the means given it by the Constitution, they seek to give it more power at the expense of the Constitution.

But in doing so, in their willingness to give up their arms in the name of safety, they are really giving up their protection from what has always been the chief source of despotism: the­ government.

Lord Acton said 'power corrupts.'
Surely then, if this is true, the more power we give the government, the more corrupt it will become.
And if we give it the power to confiscate our arms we also give up the ultimate means to combat that corrupt power.
In doing so we can only assure that we will eventually be totally subject to it."

-- Ronald Reagan


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