Sunday, February 08, 2009

Close Encounter with a Cattle Prod

I stopped for gas in Ft. Hancock Tx.

All the pumps were occupied so I took a spin around town to wait out the rush...
There is a US-Mexico border crossing just south of town, about a mile off I-10.
I drove close to the actual port of entry to have a peek at the facility.
The existing building looks fairly modern and adequate, but they are spending your tax dollars on a new big shiny facility.
The port is down a long road, and they (C&I) can see everything that approaches.
I wasn't going to cross the border and I didn't want to bug anyone, so I split.

I headed to the gasso and started to fill up...
a Border Patrol truck pull in with the driver and passenger regarding me closely.

They pulled up near me, watching as I filled my car.

No doubt they had seen me near the port and my activity raised susupicions.

"What the hell." I thought. "I think I'll beard the tiger."
I pulled out of the pump area and parked right next to them and started to do my fuel/milage log. The officer on the passenger's side of the truck continued to watch me... I didn't even look at him as I entered my figures...
Then I got out and opened the rear door of the car, giving them a good look inside as I got a bottle of water out of a bag in the back seat.
They started the truck and started to pull out... They pulled back just enough so the driver and the both could see me...

Then the passenger pulled a camera and shot my picture and a picture of my car.


I smiled and laughed...
"Hey want to take another one? I think my eyes were closed."

They drove off...
I'm not sure how I feel about this... They are doing their jobs, they didn't harass me (if anything I was screwing with them) but something about the encounter is just a little unsettling.

TBG out-

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