Monday, February 16, 2009

Could You At Least Ask First?

I tinkered with the contents of my coffee cup for several minutes, trying to get the right balance of coffee, Half & Half and sweetener. It's difficult to find the right combination sometimes, depending on the strength of the coffee, the kind of "whitener" and the type of sugar.

It really burns my ass when I finally get a good mix and only get to take 3 or 4 sips, then (in the name of service and efficiency) the waitress swoops in and dive-bombs my cup with a refill and a cheery "Let me warm that up for ya!"

Hey lady, how 'bout I fatten that lip for ya? I just got it where I wanted it and now you screw it up!

Is this some kind of game?

Could you at least check before filling my cup all the way to the brim, so I need to slurp up some of the scalding java before I can add more cream and sugar.

I swear, next time some clueless waitress overfills my cup I'm going to pour an ounce or two on the floor in order to make room for my breakfast-time chemistry experiments.

TBG - Da BOM*.

(*More on THAT later.)

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