Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let me get this straight...

The Gummint is going to "create" 5 million new jobs.

The 5 million new jobs will be Gummint jobs... i.e. the Gummint will be providing the money to pay for the new "shovel ready" projects that will employ the 5 million.
(And by "shovel ready" it is inferred that the jobs will entail digging holes and then filling them back up again.)

Ok... So where will the money to pay for the new jobs come from?

(Three guesses now...)

The wallet/pocket/purse of the WORKING taxpaying Americans.


Wouldn't it make more sense to to provide business owners with capital and incentive to expand existing businesses, to be able to hire more employees, to GENERATE more tax revenue?

With the current plan it is like trying to fill a half-empty swimming pool by sticking a pump at the shallow end and pumping the water over to the deep end of the pool, or by trying to build a wall by taking bricks from the bottom and stacking them on top.


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Luc said...

But if the gummint (as you fondly refer to it) doesn't create jobs for those unemployed people, aren't they going to end up on welfare or something akin to our unemployment insurance? If so, aren't the same three choices going to apply anyway. So might as well get something concrete out of this no? Like new roads, dams? Or am I to naive about this? Please be gentle as my Canadian socialist view on things may inadvertently warp things up.