Friday, February 06, 2009

Highway Hypnosis

8:30PM CST - Florida-Alabama State Line.
400 miles so far...



Luc said...

And you are traveling to??

The Big Guy said...

Phoenix, for then NBA All Star Game.
(Apparently they see value in having me provide assistance and support for their events... Unlike some other entities. :) Heh.)

Luc said...

Ah well you see: the NBA don't have the fine and competent people in the NHL IT department so they must reach out and apparently looks like nothing but the best for the NBA ;).
BTW, you missed my little soirée where I entertained the boyz from New York City over at our home. Good food, lots of booze, 2 good football games and an over-affectionate lab where on the program. You were dearly missed. I also missed ribbing you on your new friend in the White House.

The Big Guy said...

*cough* *cough*

Sorry, I couldn't swallow that one.
Keep drinking DanO's kool-ade though.
I am a little disappointed in missing the event, more for the company than the game... Kinda hoping we'd learn the Canadian version of Asshole... Oh well.
C'est la vie.

Next time, I suppose.