Monday, February 02, 2009

Ohhhh... I got it now...

I was listening to Communist Party Broadcasting National Public Radio on the way to the office this morning- two media Democrat apologists idiots liberals glossing-over Geithner and Daschle's tax shenanigans and praising Urkel's cabinet choices.

As I thought about it, it dawned on me:
Democrat lawmakers don't care about higher taxes because they aren't paying taxes.

Silly rabbit, Ethics are for Republicans...

Still... I'm going to start making a list of valid excuses for when I get audited, sued, or fined for evading civic responsibility:
"I had my staff look at it and it was all good."
"I forgot to pay it."
"My staff checked it for accuracy."
"I didn't think I had to pay for it."
"Hey, Nobody's Perfect."
"Turbo Tax said I didn't owe anything."
"Yes we can."


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