Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Alive...

...but just barely.

I took a quick trip to NJ on the 28th and a woman sitting behind me on the plane was working on coughing up a lung the whole way...
I was thinking "Perfect- the one time I don't take my Airborne is the time Typhoid Mary is sitting behind me."

By the end of the day on the 29th I couldn't catch my breath and any attempt at a deep inhale would leave me blue from hacking and my throat looked like something was clawing at the back of it.

It was all I could do to get to the airport at 5:30 on Saturday AM for my flight home.
I got back to Jax, and barely made it home.

I coughed and sweated through the rest of the weekend, hoping that I would shake it off before my next departure (Monday AM - to Augusta ).

No good. When Monday rolled around I wasn't any better... The Woman Who Knows Most Things and the Perfect Child were concerned and told me I shouldn't go.
Right. I'll just call in sick. Someone can just take over my project...

The guys bundled me into the cargo space in the van and we all drove to Augusta.
Tuesday through Sunday we got all our hardware setup and worked on testing our software and procedures- fortunately my staff here worked well on their own...
On Sunday I mustered all my strength and did my training class-
Teaching our 66 volunteers how to do our thing...

Most often heard phrase this week: "How you doin' Big Guy? Cause you look like shit."

Yeah- well, looks aren't deceiving. I feel like shit.
Horrible hacking cough, fever. Still.

One of my volunteers comes up as we are wrapping up on Monday night. I'm sitting outside my ops trailer, coughing and sweating...
"Hey- let me take a look at you..."
He tells me he's a PA over in Charleston. He looked at my eyes and took my pulse...
"Hmmmm. Let me go out to my car for a second."
Comes back with a stethoscope and a thermometer...
He checks me out. 
"Yeah- you've got walking pneumonia."
He writes up 2 scrips - "Publix pharmacy is open 'til 9. Go fill these. Now."

Started taking my meds yesterday AM, and I actually feel semi-human this afternoon...
Up until this afternoon, I have had only enough energy to get my work done, then go straight back to my room - skipping dinner - and going straight to bed.
Today I actually feel good enough to break out my laptop, check my emails, reply to a few...

And I guess I could write a little something to let people know I'm still alive. Mostly.



Bob S. said...

If you keep treating yourself like that, you won't be in shape to attend D.A.B. III.

Or any other shooty goodness.

(Yeah, I know I'm one to talk but this is about you not me).

Hope you get to feeling better quickly.

Luc said...

Wow. I have been there so I know the feeling. Glad you're getting better

kx59 said...

Been wondering where you were.
God almighty J. I feel for you.
I had pneumonia back in '04 or '05 with a project where I couldn't stop.
took me 2 1/2 months to get over it.
I felt like my lungs had been pressure grouted the whole time.

Old NFO said...

You need to go see a doc as soon as you get home... And glad you're at least a little better!