Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daily Comments - 4/17/13

Watching the US Senate live feed from c-span...

One of the many 'blogs in my RSS feed (I think it might have been Robb NoPants) sugested that before you can write legislation on something, you should be a PhD on the topic,  not just be able to spell most of the terms in the nomenclature...

From some of the speeches I've heard today, I'm convinced that most of the US Senate (and probably the US Congress) can't be trusted with a bucket of piss or a burnt-out match.


Edit- 2:03PM EDT -
ESPECIALLY Jack Reed (D - Rhode Island)
Deceptive quotes out of context, prevarication, cherry picking his stats, conflagration and outright lies. Double FTMF with a curare-tipped barbed-wire dildo.

Edit - 2:06PM EDT
Oh yeah- One more thing...
"Oh no... This new background check system can never be used as a base for national registry or confiscation."
Like we can believe ANY-fucking-THING you Washingturd assholes say...
"This legislation will not add one dime to the deficit."
"We will have the most transparent administration in the history of the US"
And my personal favorite:
"The public will have 5 days to review every bill that lands on my desk."
Or any of the several hundred more examples why we cannot put any faith in anything they say.

Last one: 2:55 -
They are going waay out of the way to refer the legislation as "Manchin-Toomey" and avoid mentioning Chucky Schumer... Having him as the primary name on the act would be the death-knell to the bill.



Old NFO said...

Pardon me while I go puke... that s**t just makes me sick!

Joanna said...

There aren't many people I'd trust with a bucket of piss. Bucket of water, maybe. But piss will stay in the carpet and reek for days.