Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

That 90% figure they are using regarding background checks...
As in the President's tweet:

First- the sampling demographic-
"Polls of voters in Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in January by the independentQuinnipiac University"
 And how many people?
1,134 in Virgina, 1,647 in New Jersey and 1,221 in Pennsylvania...

Hardly 90% of "all Americans", in my estimation...

Why don't you ask some folks in Florida, Alabama or Texas. You know, the ones that have been to gun shows and know that 95% of sales there ARE background checked, instead of asking dumbass Yankees who wouldn't know a multi-clip magazine if it bit them in the ass.



kx59 said...

In my estimation, the country has just about polarized into a 50/50 proposition.
That 90% must be in the 50% of which I am not a part.

Bob S. said...

The trick is not to explain what "universal background checks" means.

Well of course everyone supports the idea of a background check; Until they find out that you can't buy your neighbors deer rifle without a trip to a dealer and federal approval.

The more people know about the laws the less they approve of them.