Sunday, April 28, 2013

Late-Night Houston Hooters Quote-of-the-Night

After the OKC/HOU game...
(in which the Rockets came back from a 26 point deficit only to lose in the last few seconds of the game- Note to HOU- on those "strategic end-of-game fouls", don't hack the guy with a 98% FT average)
...we hadn't indulged in the pre-game meal down in the press room, so we were a bit peckish.

We tried to go to a place near the hotel with the intriguing name of "Twin Peaks"...
I argued that it was a strip club, and thus the menu options were probably limited.
Blee countered that the place had windows, so it wasn't a topless club.
Hmmm. Ok, let's give it a shot.
We never found out who was correct- it was so crowded we bailed...

We went to Plan B, Pappasitos... They locked the door as we approached.
It could be that it was after 11pm, or it might have been that they saw me facing off with a clueless driver in a parking lot pas de deux...

...So we wound up at Hooters.
(Who didn't see THAT coming?)

Aside from the witty banter, (mostly) innocent flirting, not-so-subtle innuendo, and dirty jokes, the subject of food came up. Kati (our waitress, owner of all-organic free range implants) had spent some time in Spain where she had sampled camel in a market, was questioning Dingo about eating kangaroo... She wondered if any 'roo part was particularly better than another, and how it would compare to camel.

She was the one who opined the winning quote:
"I just want to eat the hump and the pouch."

Uh... Yeah.

TBG, nauseated and titillated at the same time...


Chaplain Tim said...

Twin peaks is a "breastaraunt" chain started by two former managers of Hooters. Food is about the same, wait-staff is about the same, prices are about the same.

kx59 said...

And here I am, being a Houston native thinking there is nothing fun to do in this town for tourists.

Feeling "a might peckish"?
You're much taller, and much more handsome that John Goodman.

I wrote something else, and back spaced it out. I know better now, than to taunOh, and thanks for bringing that chicken frickasee, I was feeling a might peckish. Selling the Lord's word is a good business to be in.t an Ogre. :-)

Be safe in your travels J, and try your best not to abuse the TSA "agents".

kx59 said...

"I know better than to taunt an Ogre, even"
I'd blame it on Ubuntu Chrome, but I know better, playing IT support in surreal life.

Teke said...

I'd say the fare at twin peaks is mor along the line o'd an Applebee's.

The uniforms hot lumberjack. Slightly more upscale. In line with brick house.

Out 290 the is now a breastaurant row

Brick house
Twin peaks

Old NFO said...

LOL, that's one for the books... One wonders, was she blonde???

Tracy said...

It was good to see you guys at the TC Saturday night, especially you since it's been a while.

Safe travels to you and your securely packed iPad.