Saturday, April 27, 2013

Houston We Have A Problem...


Wotta evening.

I had originally intended to hook up with KX59 and Belle back in February during a visit to the NBA All Star Game in Houston.
Alas, I was tied up with stuff for A Nice Golf Course and never made the trip.

However, arena visits are like city buses for me... There's always another one coming.

I'm on a little visit to a few NBA Arenas (Houston, Brooklyn, Oklahoma City) this week, so I let KX59 know and we set up a meet.
There's a place near my hotel where I know I can get good crawfish (in season) and I suggested it, and he was amenable... We had a bit of a late arrival to IAH (Thanks Sequester!) and busted ass for Southside Freeway and our hotels to freshen up.
We got to Ragin' Cajun only a few minutes later than the proposed meet-up time, by which point KX59 had had 2 beers and already sent me 2 text messages about punctuality and alcohol consumption.

I dragged along Blee and Dingo (who had flown directly from London for this little shindig) and we tucked into some awesome cajun specialities- I had a bucket of crawfish (small, but very tasty!) and a boudin link... Nice!
Other items consumed at our table included Etoufee, Jambalaya, more boudin, and gumbo...
Belle showed me a new way to consume boudin- open it up and spread it on crackers.
Who knew?

Good conversation, lots of fun... Lots of abuse for Belle who confesses to indulging in a different social media platform these days... I promised not to divulge her new passion, but for the right incentive I could be persuaded to share a hint or two.
A good time was had by all- including the Dingo, who was falling asleep in his etoufee.
Poor bastard.

On to the arena...



Old NFO said...

I'll be there next week... Good meal there my friend!

Teke said...

I have yest to find a place in H'town that does proper crawfish. Everyone wants to put the seasoning on the outside of the bugs. You soak then to get the flavor.

Anyway if you're in for the week and staying in the downtown area. Let me know. I'd love to meet other bloggers from out of town. let me know and I'll send you my contact info.

Heck I have a problem trying to get together with local bloggers, even those that are right up the road from me. cough kx (all my fault though)

Borepatch said...

Damn. Missed you by a week.

Southern Belle said...

It was a great time, Big Guy. Was good to see you and nice to meet your coworkers.