Tuesday, December 18, 2012


...but-but-but... The EBIL GUNZ are outlawed here in merrie ol' Land of Oz.

I was sure surprised to hear about this yesterday afternoon...

Drive-by shooters strike again as Milperra home targeted overnight - another shooting in Cherrybrook

Police are at the scene of a drive-by shooting in Cherrybrook, in Sydney's north-west, after a number of bullet holes were discovered in the Franklin Rd duplex home about 7.20am this morning.

Numerous bullet holes were located in a motor vehicle and the front of a duplex premises.

There were occupants in the home at the time, however they were uninjured.

A resident, who did not wish to be named, said he heard a motorbike drive up to the Cherrybrook house around 5.30am.

"It came idling up, shot half a dozen rounds in a second and then took off at high speed," he said.
Damn. A half-dozen rounds in only one second.
Must be a machine gun.

But, isn't Australia a Gun-Free zone?
Sure is, bucko... Except when some enterprising businessman buys Glocks in Germany and sends them down via the POST OFFICE.

And the cops find out about it by ACCIDENT?
Cracker, please.

ONE of the men arrested after yesterday's raid at a south Sydney post office is alleged to have illegally imported and sold 150 glock pistols, court documents reveal.
The seizure of a pistol used in Sydney's drive-by shooting epidemic led police to uncover a global firearms trafficking syndicate operating out of a suburban Sydney post office, it will be alleged.
In a joint police operation yesterday, officers converged on the Sylvania Waters post office - arresting the franchisee. Police will allege the post office was the final destination for shipments of Glock handguns - favoured by both Australian police and criminals - which were manufactured in Austria and sent to Australia via Germany.
The investigation, led by the NSW Firearms and Organised Crime Squad, culminated yesterday with the arrest of three people after several more shipments of weapons were covertly traced back to Sydney by NSW police.
Twelve properties, including the post office, were raided as part of the investigation.
Up to four search warrants were also executed by German authorities and a NSW police officer in the town of Remscheid, through which the guns were allegedly sent to gangs in Australia.
The syndicate's activities were allegedly uncovered by NSW police inadvertently, following the seizure of a Glock pistol in Sydney's southwest in January and the arrest of its alleged owner.
The pistol - which was allegedly fired at a Sydney couple's Wiley Park home - was one of the first guns taken off the streets by police during Sydney's spate of drive-by shootings over the Christmas holiday period.
My favorite part was this graphic:

...Where it talks about parts being "entirely interchangeable with other models of Glocks"...


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