Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Cat Is Apparently Out Of The Bag

I got some disappointing "food" from a local Chinese takeaway tonight.
Checking out the prognostication provided in the obligatory fortune cookie and I am bemused...
Man... I hope the poor bastids that are locked in the basement of the Dah Sing Noodle Company in Stone Mountain Ga have the inside track on the next 64 hours of my life...

Jax - Houston - 2.5 Hours    (Sorry KX59&Belle...Short layover- See you in February?)
Houston - LAX - 3.75 Hours
LAX - Sydney -  14.5 Hours

Somehow, the term "pleasant journey" doesn't really come to mind when I am going to be shoehorned into a steerage-class seat with 227 other slack-jawed mouthbreathers stacked around me like lumpy bags of wet cement, breathing my oxygen and spreading bacteria and virii willy-nilly through the sealed environment.

Well.... They got the "far away" right...

(I wonder how they found out?)



Borepatch said...

Eat some kangaroo while you're there - it's pretty good. And if you have time to relax, the Sydney harbor cruise makes for a relaxing afternoon while trying to recover from jet lag.

Old NFO said...

Angus Steak House, Darling Harbour. Good food reasonable price! And check out the Aboriginal Store down there too, so nice REAL Aboriginal art and artifacts!

kx59 said...

We'll be here Big Guy.
Give us a heads up when you pass through again.
We'll leave the light for ya.

Bug said...

Safe travels Big Guy. I hope you have good fortune with your seatmates and elbow/knee room.

Don't refer to the FA's as "sheilas" ..they don't like it.