Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, clearing TSA microwaving & ball-juggling this AM, seems that I missed the mini-to-micro USB adapter in one of my cargo pockets.
(This of course triggered a Major Security Alert - hence the unwarranted but oddly pleasurable nut-fondling.)
The oddity was the TSA Supervisor who took the adapter, put it in a full-sized bin and ran it through the X-Ray machine.
Really, dude?
What did you think would be concealed inside an adapter the size of a quarter?
Well, at least it wasn't confiscated.

Jeebus. The dumbassery, it hurtz.



Luc said...

WHAT??! Just for fun, here's an inventory of everything I carry in my bag when travelling:BB charger, Apple charger, Bluetooth earpiece charger, macro usb cable, micro usb cable, grenade, Ethernet cable, 2 memory sticks, short usb plug, ps/2 to usb adapter (don't know why I still carry that one), Fenix L2D flashlight, spare AA batteries, umbrella. Worst I ever got was a "rewind" on the conveyor belt to a take a closer look.

Old NFO said...

LOL, who 'knows' what you might have concealed in there! :-)

Dan said...

mini-to-micro USB adapters are the second leading cause of death in my area, right after jello drownings

Southern Belle said...

omg! Ball juggling? thanks for the laugh!

Graumagus said...

Someone needs to invent something like that so when it's x-rayed an image of General Zod and his minions screaming from inside the Phantom Zone plate of glass thingie from Superman II shows up on the TSA screen.