Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year, Y'all

Greetings all...

A subdued and enjoyable New Year's Day to everyone...

Hopefully everyone was able to avoid infestations of bulletproof Canadian spider-goats*... I had assistance from The Captain last night in that effort, and once again made the mistake of dining with JR...
Nothing that a stomach pump and a Grade 3 exorcism won't cure.

I'm on the job today so no omphaloskepsis concerning 2011, no rants on the President and his efforts; No diatribes on gun control, no commentary on global climate change bufferoonery, no stifled laughter and finger pointing at politicians, or
making fun of The Liberal Media.
At least, not today.


Really, Canadian Spider Goats. Not bulletproof, but disturbing none the less.

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