Monday, January 23, 2012

The Good and The Bad

The bad?

Jousting with the nut-gropers at the TSA, again, at JIA.

I emptied all my pockets and compartments in my Blackhawk! Tac Operators pants prior to going through the Nude-o-Scope, and got pulled aside yet again.

Testicle Fondler: "Sir, you have something in your right pocket."
Yours Truly: "Nope. I don't."
TF: "Machine says so. I need to pat you down."
YT: "Go for it. Get your jollies."
TF: "What?"
YT: "I said 'Go ahead.'"
He felt around the outside of the right side cargo pocket...
TF: "There is something inside there."
YT: "Nope- what you feel is magazine retention loops. These pants are designed to securely carry 2 AR magazines in each storage pocket."
TF: (seriously) "Are you carrying magazines now?"
I gave him a moment to think about it.
YT: "Do you know what an AR15 Magazine looks like?"
TF: "Well... to tell you the truth... No."

To continue the conversation would only make things more difficult.

YT: "Nope. No magazines."
TF: "Then what is in that pocket?"
YT (getting exasperated): "Nothing. There are cloth loops sewn into the pocket..."
TF: "If you don't have the magazines, then why..."
YT: "You'll have to feel inside the pocket to understand..."
TF: (starts to stick his blue-gloved hand in my pocket...)
YT: "But you WILL change your gloves first..."

The Testicle Fondler decided that that was too much...
TF: "You're good to go."
 Jeebus H. Turdhumping Creeest, I hate Tired, Slow and Anal agents...

The good?

Going to the Jax Beach Public Library with the Perfect Child...
That is one of the Early Voting locations for our area...
She took her brand-spanking-new Voter's Registration card and cast her ballot in the Florida primary election.

On the way there we discussed candidates, values, and political realities-
What issues to consider when choosing who to vote for, and the old saw about similarity between sausage-making and legislation...

She enjoyed casting her vote... She'll learn later about the other aspects of voting-
a favored candidate losing the election, favored legislation getting voted down and the spectrum of emotions that one experiences over the course of a contentious election cycle.

Welcome to the the real world, Sugar.


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Old NFO said...

You and Senator Paul... In deep kimchi with the TSA, at least you're in good company...LOL And congrats on getting the daughter to vote!