Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey, Mainstream Media...

Quit portraying Mittens Romney as the Official GOP Nominee for the 2012 Presidential election...

Fer cryin' out loud, he's won 2 primaries, and one was in a neighboring state to his beloved Taxachusetts, so he was a home-town favorite, as it were.

There's quite a bit of votin' to be done... Let's wait until we see more results, and preferably some from a state NOT filled with dipstick yankee mouthbreathers and hayseeds that overanalyze issues like how a candidate parts his hair or underwear choice. (no offense Iowa and New Hamster)



Chad said...

Romney is the Democratic candidate, so why wouldn't the mouthpieces push him as much as possible?

The Big Guy said...

(Ed note-
KX59 from Bell's a Ringing left a comment, but I fat-fingered the "publish" button on my phone and hit delete instead. Oops.
Sorry KX...)
Here's his comment:

Yep, what Chad said. But, my patriotism, and hope was just piqued by the call to arms. We don't have to "settle" for the media's choice. Even if he wins the election.

KurtP said...

Right! Mittens has won two states- only one that has actual delegates.

We still have 55 more to go.