Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hey CBS & Lara Logan: - Shut The Fuck Up

Watching 60 minutes tonight... 60 Minutes was on while I was packing tonight...
I had watched Denver pull out a win in overtime and didn't change the channel after it was over.
(Normally I would not be watching any maninstream news program, and especially not 60 Minutes, but I was busy.)

I caught a quote from an interview and couldn't believe what I heard- I had to go to their website to verify it... (you can do the same. I won't link to it here.)

The story was about the Beans family who have 5 sets of brothers serving in the "Lone Star Battalion" in Afghanistan...
Here was the quote that made me stop to write this:

Logan: That's a lotta trouble to go to, to go and fight in a war that not many Americans believe is worth fighting these days?
Daniel Beans: That's the great thing about America. Everybody's entitled to their opinion. 
(Emphasis mine-TBG)
 What. The. Fuck.

Hey, Lara- I don't know where you got your info, but the characterizations you just made about average Americans offends the living shit out of me. When you tell a man serving his country that the majority of Americans don't believe the cause they are fighting for is worthwhile, well, I have to tell ya, you have no clue what you're talking about and you have no credibility.
I don't understand the liberal media- where they can offer a minority opinion and color it as a majority opinion.
(They also blew the story of The Fighting Sullivan's and how they died. The really need better fact checkers at CBS...)
And yeah, I know she got groped over in Egypt during the Arab Spring protests.
I could give a shit. Go back to South Africa. See You Next Tuesday, bitch.

And way to go Daniel Beans. You handled this biatch MUCH better than I would have. Thanks to you and your family for your service to our country.



Old NFO said...

No bias there, nope not a bit... /snark off... Sigh...

TOTWTYTR said...

This is the new media narrative on Afghanistan, that it's "unpopular". The purpose is to give President Feckless cover for his cut and run maneuver before the upcoming election.

Just four years ago, Iraq was a mistake because the "real enemy" was in Afghanistan. Or at least that's what President Feckless kept telling people.