Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hypocritical Dumbassery Abounds

There is a piece in the Daytona Beach news about an 82 year old man who shot and killed a burglar.

This post is not about that...

It's about the dumbassery that is masquerading as "Reasonable and Proper".
One of the folks who commented trotted out the old "the crime doesn't fit the punishment" and "shoot to wound/scare away/slow down".

The idjits just don't get it.

Go read the comments. They are very enlightening...
Especially the hypocrisy in the follow-up commnets...
"My stand is just that life is valuable and sacred; some people have made some bad decisions, but there life is still worth something and it's a shame to see it lost. Serial killers are a different story, as are other groups of criminals."
Seems like our bleeding heart has a double standard...
Sorry, Dumbass... it's all or nothing. If one life is valuable and sacred, all of them are, including the serial killers.
My view, of course, is solipsistic... Only MY life, and those I choose extend the privilege of existence to are sacred.
Everyone else is on probation.

"Have a plan to kill everyone you meet." Forsooth!


1 comment:

Bug said...

I shutter to think of your plan to kill me. Perhaps best you don't ever tell me which one you have settled on but it could be entertaining to find which ones you've rejected along the way.

As a more serious response, I'm always curious with these "life is precious people" why they don't think the life of the person who is attacked is valuable enough to be protected. The little pansies just don't live in the real world. I'd be willing to bet if you put any one of them in the situation they'd start shooting fast, and not to wound.