Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is the Rodeo in Town?

From our "I Wish I was a Fly on the Wall" Department:
(N.B.: This was put together from cryptic text messages on my Crackberry and the hungover/drunk/one-foot-in-the-grave ramblings of one of the participants this morning, who had a 7:00 crew call and still though it was a good idea to go to Sanlitun last night.)
Identities masked to protect the innocent.

I got a text last night...sometime after 2:00.

SMSH: Cowgirl?
YT: Wubbawubba who?

Obviously there is a bigger story here.
Let me lay it out for you...

Three Americans are sitting in a bar in Sanlitun enjoying cold adult beverages.
A local girl come up to the table and begins making small-talk with Our Visiting Heroes.
Soon, she is has chosen her target and is speaking directly to just one of the victims Visitors.
After several minutes of engrossing conversation, this exchange takes place.
Visitor 1 (A/k/a/ Birthday Boy): "You're a Cowgirl?"
CowGirl: "Cowgirl... Cowgirl."
V1: "Hmmm. There is a rodeo event in the Olympics? Interesting."
CG: "No, no... Cow Girl."
V1 (to Visitor 2): "She says she's a cowgirl. She's not really dressed like a cow girl..."
V2: "A Cowgirl?"
CG: "Cow girl. Cowgirl." Cowgirl makes some vague hand and body motions...
V2 to V1: "I'm not sure she's saying 'cowgirl'..."
Visitor 3, who is trying to keep from laughing out loud: "She's not a cow girl...She's saying 'Call Girl.'"
V1: "Call girl....?" A light goes on...Suddenly all the pieces fit into place..."Ohhhhh...."

(Doubtless there are some parallels...
Some riding skills are involved, perhaps some roping and hog-tying; I'd avoid the bareback riding and the bull riding events... but the barrel racing and the rodeo clowns in that event might be interesting to watch...And the goal is to stay on more than 8 seconds...?)

Just for the record:



Not a Cowgirl

Let's just leave Our Heroes as we found them... swilling Chinese beer and fending off Cowgirls & GreenCard prospectors.

TBG, out-

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James S said...

Now that is funny - you shoulda offered her some soco and rime.