Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beijing Farewell

You know the length of your trip.
The width and depth of your journey is what you make of it.

For me, this was best summed up in a bar in Sanlitun last night as I chatted with two (Mostly Drunk) Kiwis in a bar on the backstreet...

Mostly Drunk Kiwi: "The best Olympic Experience is about confusing the journey and the destination."

Yours Truly: "So, what is this... Is it the journey or is it the destination?"

MDK: "Haven't you been paying attention? This is the confusion."

Well- I'm outta here. The plane boards in ten minutes. I'm still researching that fine line between "buzzed" and "too drunk to fly".
We'll see how it goes at the gate.

Thus ends Beijing 2008.
TBG- Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

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