Sunday, August 10, 2008

Comparison: Atlanta '96 to Beijing '08

I got a note recently that reminded me of the Opening Ceremony from Atlanta in 1996.

After watching Athens in '04 and the other night in Beijing, I decided to look for some footage from Atlanta because I vaguely remember being embarrassed for being from the South after seeing the Atlanta Opening Ceremonies brought to you by Chevrolet...

Sherman, set the Wayback... 1996.

It'd be awesome if it was halftime at a SEC football game.

Horrific for the Opening Ceremonies.

Atlanta OC 1996 - Epic Fail.

TBG out-


The Big Guy said...

For some reason one Constant Reader (Southernoracle, Pilot of The Mailboat) was unable to post a comment on this item...
This is injustice.

Here's her comment:

OMG, thank you for making me relive the horror of that colossal failure.
My city - what an embarrassment! Let's just take every conceivable stereotype about Georgia and play it up to the Nth degree.
I agree - shoulda saved it for halftime.

The Big Guy said...

Need some salt for that paper cut?