Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Shock & Awe

Let's put six rounds downrange...

Round 1 - Boom!

Round 2 - Boom!

Round 3 - Boom! And... Look at that plume of gas escaping from between the cylinder and the barrel. Keep your fingers away from that gap, kids.

Shot 4 - Progressive stills:

Slowly squeeze....

Uh... Why is the fire starting here? In this 1/30th of a second frame, it looks like the hammer is still back, but the round has been fired.

Round 4, frame 3 - Cylinder of fire, and the nasty plume of hot gas from the cylinder gap.

Round 4, frame 4, getting back on target...

Round 5 - Fire!

Round 6 - See where the "Gun Shot Residue" comes from?

Want to see what it looks like from my point of view?

A different string of shots. Firing single handed here...


On target...


Back to target...


That's what flash suppressors are all about, kids.

And anytime anyone wants to try firing the .44 Magnum stiff-armed, let me know.
Bring aspirin and a wrist brace.


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