Friday, December 18, 2015

Comedy and Irony - Pres. Barak Obama Highway

Riviera Beach FL is on the cutting edge of Social Justice...
(As you read the article HERE remember that this area is represented by Debbie Whatsername-Shultz.)

Riviera Beach renamed Old Dixie Highway in honor of President Barack Obama during a ceremony on Thursday, a change that city officials say will help move the community past its segregated history.
"We are stepping up to a new day, a new era, and replacing Old Dixie with Barack Obama, who represents change," Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters told Sun Sentinel news partner WPEC-Ch. 12.
(emphasis mine- TBG)

There is one thing I find most amusing in this whole slice of Social Justice Theater, is that they went pretty far out of the way to tie it all up in a nice pretty package, complete with a photogenic intersection of PBHO Hwy and MLK Jr Blvd...
(No doubt, a location where one can easily score an 8- ball or a few grams of flakka, in addition to getting your car jacked.)

Students of Unintended Irony should note that also at the corner of PBHO & MLKJr is an office for the Customs and Border Patrol.


Can't make this shit up.


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