Wednesday, December 02, 2015

CNN Overload & Streetfood!

I'm in the Operations office in the Hotel in Meh-He-Co City and the level of people in the office varies between zero and 30.
Most of the time it's around 6 or 8.

I'm sitting in the front of the room, which is arranged 'classroom' style, so everyone behind me is looking over my shoulder, which can be a little disturbing, mostly for them when I'm shopping on or, or when I'm surfing
(As a rule, these are mostly New Yorkers or New Jersey residents that are here for the event.)

Anyway, I try to keep most of the stuff that would require a trigger warning for a Yankee hoplophobic, entitled-class climate alarmist to a minimum on my screen.

Meanwhile, on a 70" flatscreen in the front of the room, CNN International is playing constantly.
(Because it is one of the few channels in Ingles on the hotel's 35-channel network... The other 2 are Fox News [not gonna happen with this crowd] and SuperMax [a channel playing latenight Cinemax movies, including softcore 24/7])
The local sportschannel is ESPN Deportes, and it seems like they want to watch the 36 minute CNN repeating cycle featuring Anderson Cooper, Christine Amanpour and the staff of dozens that cover the news for Ted Turners bastard child than having to listen to soccer recaps in high-speed Español.

So Yours Truly is stuck in front of this non-stop drivel, consisting mostly of US commentators kissing Obama's ass, lionizing Granny Clinton, and trying to scandalize or at least trivialize the conservative 2016 candidates for President. Shit-tons of coverage on Paris climate talks ("The US owes all 3rd world nations reparations! ZOMG- The Marshall Shoals Islands are going under!!), Japanese whale hunts, and the one that just boggles my mind- climate change is the reason for ISIS and the Paris attacks.
When they start in on that feature, my brain completely shuts down due to the complete stupidity of the concept. These people have gone over the edge in the cause/effect analysis.
As a matter of fact, climate change is the cause of all ills in the world...

Donald Trump? - Climate change.
Colorado PP shooting? - Climate change.
Clinton e-mail scandal? - Climate change.
China investor group buys into Manchester U FC? - Climate change.
Russian Jetliner shootdown over Turkey? - Climate change.
Cleveland Browns lost to the Ravens? - Climate change.
Michael Brown/Eric Gardner/Freddy Gray? - Climate change.
Slow Internet? - Climate change.
Burned your Thanksgiving turkey? - Climate change.
World War II? - Climate change.
.22 LR Ammo shortage? - Climate change.

Just a couple days to go...
I can get through it...
Mostly by looking forward to my nightly forays into the dark neighborhood streets behind the St. Regis, in search of Mexican street meat and michelada.

Mmmm Al pastor and onions on the Plancha

Al pastor con queso on the way...

Yeah, that's not a tennis shoe... That's lengua, beef tongue...

I'll stick with the giant Cone o' Meat-

All hail Al Pastor!



Angus McThag said...

Start attributing positive things to climate change.

Food tastes good, climate change.
Group size improved, climate change.
Woke up before the alarm feeling good, climate change.
Bomb hit dead center in the forehead of an ISIS commander, climate change.
Someone doesn't abbreviate the word hollandaise, climate change.

Old NFO said...

You should randomly flip the TV to Fox... snicker...

Ben Catoe said...

Then accidentally step on the remote.