Saturday, August 09, 2014

Names Part 2: Is That Your Stripper Navy Name?

WTF is going on in the Navy these days?
USS Cowpens

From The Navy Times:
The cruiser Cowpens was halfway through its Western Pacific cruise earlier this year when the commanding officer got sick.
Capt. Greg Gombert came down with flu-like symptoms in January that confined him to his cabin for about a week. As he was recovering, he contracted something more unusual: temporary facial paralysis.
The non-life threatening disorder makes it difficult to move certain facial muscles and initially can feel like a minor stroke.

Gombert holed up in his cabin to recuperate and began to push responsibilities down to the next most senior officer, a department head with 11 years in uniform with whom the Navy alleges Gombert carried on an “unduly familiar relationship,” according to a report obtained by Navy Times. Lt. Cmdr. Destiny Savage, the ship’s chief engineer and temporary XO, became the “acting CO,” officials now say, and essentially ran the ship — taking contact reports, leading junior officer qualification boards, and chairing department head meetings in the CO’s place.

Savage, a junior officer who was not fully qualified to be a permanent XO, even led at least two replenishments at sea, where the cruiser took on fuel from an oiler as little as 150 feet away in heavy seas, while the captain was in his cabin, according to the Navy’s investigation and interviews with current and former crew members.
No- I could care less that the Captain got sick, or had an “unduly familiar relationship”...
I want to know when they started hiring strippers as Chief Engineers?

Lt. Cmdr. Destiny Savage

Really? Destiny Savage?
I bet he parents are mad she went into the Navy, since they obviously had a long-range plan for her entry into the Adult Entertainment industry.

I wonder if she knows Duke Fremont or Magic Johnson?



Old NFO said...

Dunno, but I'll volunteer to question her! :-)

Anonymous said...

Shut Up. I'd hire her. She can even sit in my chair.