Thursday, August 14, 2014

Drinking Games

So... The PC's 21st birthday is right around the corner...
There is supposed to be a big shindig at the Estrogen Palace that will probably end up in a series of drinking games like Quarters or Asshole...
I'm going to try to get them to stick with Quarters and it's permutations-
I'm had some bad experience with Asshole....
Like this and this...

Anyone remember this?:

Yeah- that's Yours Truly walking through the hotel lobby with my pants over one shoulder and shirt over the other... Listen to your Uncle Jay, kids- Don't play Asshole, ummmkay?

So- in order to keep things lively...

Drinking Game Rule Making

PhoneMaster - If any player touches their phone, the Phonemaster can send a text message of their choice to any name in the contact list.

ForeheadMaster - (Variation of ThumbMaster)-
Just like ThumbMaster but you put your forehead down on the table.
After a couple rounds, getting your forehead down before the last person leads to slamming your head down and perhaps a concussion after a few rounds.

Meow - Can't use the word 'now'... Players must use the word 'meow' instead

No Eye Contact - Players cannot make eye contact

Gummies - If you laugh, you cannot show your teeth.

Viking Rule - The Viking (rulemaker or designate) makes horn motions on his 'helmet' with his/her hands. Every one else must paddle. Last one to do so drinks.

3rd Person - No one can talk in 1st Person

T-Rex Arms - The designated T-Rex must use 'tiny arms' when they drink. Double up if they forget.

Anyone got any others to add to the list?


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