Friday, August 22, 2014

Bad Start

(Dateline: 12:54edt, in the air over Tennessee I think)

Shit is going downhill fast...

First- flight time changed- 45 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.
Damn near missed boarding window.

Next- equipment issues at the gate- 40 minutes leaving gate, plus 10 more minutes to get off the ground.

Original landing time at O'Hare is 12:20p, my ORD - HKG boards at 12:40... I'm doing the math, and I'm a little concerned.
I have a bad feeling that a United gate agent is going to see me lose every bit of my charm and eloquence.
I might get to see what the holding cells at O'Hare are like...

One ray of sunshine- no checked bags so I can do an OJ through O'Hare if I need to in order to get to an alternate flight.
Won't be pretty...
Film at 11.

Edit- 1:13. I'm screwed.

More soon.

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Old NFO said...

I see you didn't make it...