Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Subdue Bad Soybeans?

.40 caliber SMGs.
Really. For the Department of Agriculture.

Dept of Agriculture wants the guns to have an "ambidextrous safety, semiautomatic or 2 round burts [sic] trigger group, Tritium night sights front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore group) and scope (top rear), stock collapsible or folding," and a "30 rd. capacity" magazine.

Wow. 30 round mags. And 2-round burst capability? True double taps, I guess.

I guess they're expecting some trouble with the Children of the Corn.



Pat St. Jean said...

The US Forest Service is part of the USDA. They've got a law enforcement arm...

Old NFO said...

Concealable??? Probably... One wonders why, especially since they have access to M-16s...