Thursday, May 29, 2014


Since last December I have been indulging in genus Persea, the Avocado.

Some time a little too much I think...
But- better to nosh on The Green than, oh, say, three Milky Way bars, an entire sleeve of Oreos or a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

For the last six months or so I have been learning how to indulge in the Alligator Pear, or rather, how to purchase, tend, evaluate, test, and -at the most optimum moment- enjoy the tasty innards of the Great Green Testicle...

It kinda goes like this:

Day One - Carefully prod and poke approx 300 under-ripe avocados at the store.
Choose one or two of appropriate size and relative ripeness.
Bring it/them home and place them on the window sill so they are not forgotten in the bottom of the 'fridge.

Day Two - Check for ripeness. Condition: not quite yet.
Day Three - Check for ripeness. Condition: not quite yet.
Day Four - Check for ripeness. Condition: Almost there.... Just a bit more.
Day Five - Check for ripeness. Condition: Completely rotten. Inedible.

Obviously, there is a tiny window of opportunity between 3 and 5 AM where you can actually enjoy the perfect ripeness of the avocado.

This is, of course, a bit of an exaggeration... But not too much.

How do I enjoy my avocado?
Mostly just sliced with a squeeze of lime or a bit of vinaigrette dressing...or just putting a  spoon of salsa in the hole left when the seed is removed and scooping it right out of the skin.

I did find something that looked interesting on the Intarwebs...

Warning- this was awful. I tried it a couple different ways- it was crap.
Avoid avoid avoid!

My favorite method of preparation?

Glockamole, of course.



Chad said...

I've tried that egg thing. Didn't work for me either. Sure it's all low carb and all but some things just don't work.

Jennifer said...

Hmm. I'd been wanting to try the egg thing. Maybe I should pass. I can't think of a meal that isn't improved by the addition of an Avocado. Om nom nom.
I need to make guacamole bacon deviled eggs again. That was delicious.