Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lunch With the Brotherhood

Lunching with a couple members of the ODMQD* we got to discussing politics (duh).
One of the Brothers had read my latest screed and brought (on his iPad) an email regarding the dangers of being opposite the Clintons and how it can be hazardous to one's health.
 Federal agents killed in the Branch Davidian raid in Waco, Tom McKeehan, Conway Le Bleu, and Robert Williams, were former Clinton bodyguards. (February 26, 1993)

    Attorney Paul Wilcher, who investigated drug and gun running out of Mena, Arkansas and their links to the Branch Davidians, died of undetermined causes three weeks after submitting a 99 page affidavit to Attorney General Janet Reno. (June 23, 1993)

    Four Marine presidential crewmen who escorted Clinton on the flight to the Carrier Roosevelt, Maj. William S. Barkley, Capt. Scott J. Reynolds, Staff Sgt. Brian D. Haney and Sgt. Timothy D. Sabel, died in a helicopter crash. (May 19, 1993)

    Others associated with Clinton's March 12, 1993 visit to the Carrier Roosevelt (the meeting aboard the Roosevelt figures prominently in the U.N. Bosnia-Serbia peace keeping plans) who died in aviation accidents within four months of each other, include: Maj. Gen. Jarrett J. Robertson, Col. William J. Densberger, Col. Robert J. Kelley, and five Naval Aviators.

    Vincent Foster, Hillary's former Rose Law Firm Associate and legal council to the President, allegedly committed suicide, using a non-traceable hand gun, built from parts of several guns. Shadows of doubt cast by reports of not finding a suicide note were addressed when a note was miraculously produced much later, torn into pieces, void of fingerprints. Missing was the piece where the signature would appear. (July 7, 1993)

    Paula Gober, who traveled extensively with Clinton as his interpreter for the hearing-impaired, was killed in a solo auto accident near Monticello, Arkansas. Her body was found 33 feet away from her overturned car. (December 9, 1992)

    Clinton's State Attorney General Susan Coleman, who allegedly had an affair with Clinton, was shot in the back of her head.

    Arkansas pornography and prostitution ring 'model' Judy Gibbs, a frequent sexual partner of then-Governor Clinton, burned to death in a fire inside her home following her decision to cooperate with police.

    Clinton strategist and Democratic National Committee Political Director, Paul Tully, was found dead of unknown causes in a Little Rock hotel room. (September 9, 1992).

    Clintons national finance co-chairman and operator of a telecommunication service used by international police, C. Victor Raiser II, and his son Montgomery Raiser were killed in a private plane crash. (June 30, 1992)

    Clinton fund raiser Herschel Friday, an attorney from Little Rock, was killed in a single-engine plane accident.

    Clinton administration advisors on health care reform Stanley Heard and Steven Dickson were killed in the crash of their rented plane shortly after takeoff from Dulles Airport.

    Jim Wilhite, a friend of Bill Clinton and a business associate of White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, suffered fatal head injuries in a skiing accident. (December 12, 1992)

    The death of prominent attorney, developer, and Clinton fund-raiser, Ed Wiley, was ruled a suicide though no suicide note was found, nor was there an apparent motive for suicide. (November 30, 1993)

    Clinton¹s Chief of Security in Arkansas, Jerry Parks, was found along a roadside, riddled with bullets. Files kept in his office were missing.

    Dr. Ronald Rogers, believed to be on his way to an interview to reveal information about Clinton to a London Sunday Telegraph reporter, died in a plane crash. (March 3 1994)

    A witness for Paula Jones, Kathy Ferguson, the ex-wife of Arkansas State Trooper and Clinton bodyguard Danny Ferguson, was shot behind the left ear. The death was ruled a suicide. (May 11, 1994)

    Kathy Ferguson's fiance, Arkansas policeman Bill Shelton, who was critical of the Ferguson suicide ruling, died of a gunshot wound behind the left ear. His death was ruled a suicide. (June 1994).

    Jon Parnell Walker, a Resolution Trust Corporation investigator probing illegalities between the Clintons and Madison Guaranty S&L, allegedly committed suicide by leaping from the top of a 22-story apartment building.

    Stanley Huggin, an investigator into Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, was found dead in Delaware.

    Admiral Jeremy M. (Mike) Boords, Chief of Naval Operations, shot himself in the chest with a .38 caliber handgun a few minutes before her was to be interviewed by a Newsweek reporter. He was tipped off that he would be asked two questions: Did he know Jonathon Jay Pollard? And, was he Pollard's 'handler' at the Navy Department?

    Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, 34 American industrialists and flight crew aboard the Presidential plane Air Force-2 were killed when the Boeing T-43-A crashes into Sveti Ivan, Croatia, April 3, 1996. Air Force Stewardess Shelly Kelly, who is riding in the tail, sustains only minor cuts and bruises, and was able to board a rescue helicopter without assistance. She later dies at the hospital from loss of blood. According to journalist Joe L. Jordan, an autopsy later reveals a neat three-inch incision over her main femoral artery that was inflicted at least three hours after all her other cuts and bruises. Clinton hastily orders all bodies of the victims to be cremated.

    Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic, in charge of the radio beacon that guided Air Force-2 to the runway at Cilipi Airport, commits suicide by shooting himself in the chest. Cilipi¹s air traffic controller also commits suicide and the tapes of the control tower disappear

And the hits (heh) keep coming. (Benghazi, etc.)
I've seen this bit o' foolscap before, and it seems like it's going to be getting more life (heh) as the political seasons start to ramp up...

My man xbradtc over at Bring the heat Bring the Stupid opines that the most dangerous job in the world is to be an associate of the Clinton's...
Based on the proffered list, one might think so.
(The only more dangerous occupation/pastime for anyone, especially young urban males is "turning his life around")

Regarding the *cough cough* unfortunate circumstances *cough cough* of the demise of damn near everyone that pisses off or has dirt on the Clintons - I immediately head over to the bastion of debunking to look up the Clinton Body Count.
Sadly- the operators of Snopes are tried-and-true kool-aid drinkers of the Left, so you have to be a little careful with the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" you get regarding anything damaging to Obama, the Clintons, or the Left in general.
In this particular case they give a quick handwave to all the items-
"it could happen to anyone, nothing to see here... move along"

Well... whether there is a Clinton Kiss of Death or not, things are going to get quite interesting in the next few months.

*Don't ask.

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