Thursday, May 15, 2014

Perception: See It For What It Is

Have you seen all the push for Feminism and Gender Equality lately?

Of course you have. How could you not?
MSNBC is rapidly shifting from "durr - stoopid Rethuglicans and Tea Baggers" and "Chris Christie is a big stupid poopy head" to "Fems Now!" and "Men Suck!" and the real MSM is not too far behind.

Figured it out yet?

I'm a dumbass and barely have two brain cells left from my sordid yoot in the Keys, but it sure looks to me like the Great Leftist Long-Con for 2016: Put Hillary back in the White House...
You know - the same method they used in 2007-2008 to hype up all your White Guilt and get Obama elected.

(There is a discussion if the same "guilt tactics" were invoked for 2012: "Well- I voted for HopenChange in 2008, and if I changed my vote now, I think that would make me racist."
Yours Truly, however, thinks this is incorrect- 2012 was the result of the longest (and definitely most expensive) re-election campaign in US History- Obama started running for re-election on November 5th, 2008.)

They (ah, the ubiquitous "they", those bastards) are humpin' and bumpin' to position Hillary as "The One" to heal all gender inequality and put men (especially white males*) in their appropriate place- kinda like Obama was supposed to do as we were regaled with tales of how he was going to bring about bipartisanship, transparency, racial healing, and that he'd roll back global warming, heal the break of dawn and bring temporary relief to nymphomaniacs.

And we can all see how that worked out.

Don't. Fall. For. It.

HRC and the Clinton Machine will be a mixture of Clinton 3.0 and Obama 3.0

Pay attention this election season- and in 2016.


Food for thought:
Who developed the A Bomb? Who developed the Hydrogen Bomb? Who invented the gun and other automatic weapons? Who dropped the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing old people and children who were not soldiers but citizens who were not fighting? Who in WorldWarII annihilated 20 million Turks, retarded & deformed people, and Jews? Who was behind the mass murders of the Armenian people? Who is inventing and manufacturing most of the guns in the world? Who is developing GM foods and forcing us to eat them? Who is running the world from Germany and the UN? Who has most of the world's money besides the Catholic Church?What color is the Catholic Church's Hierarchy? What color are the Heads of Monsanto? What color are the people who own the car and gas companies that are actively destroying the natural resources of the world as we sit here now?What color are those who are trying to tap oil from the great Barrier Reef? What color are the scientists who are working night and day on chemical weapons and germwarfare? What color are most of the NWO and the NewGlobalEconomy? What color are the capitalists who move us by the millions, jacking up the prices of utilities and all merchandise? What color are the heads of companies who move their companies overseas leaving Americans broke and destitute after years of good loyal service?
What color are the heads of companies that get the ludicrously expensive contracts from our government? What color was the congress in 1860 who instituted a campaign that lead the American People to believe that the Native Americans were Godless, heathen people just because they wanted some free land? What color were the Robber Barons of the Train Industry? What color are the heads of companies in this country who have faked forms and information that allowed one water or land grab after another?

I'll give you a hint- It's the same guys that are HRCs business partners, advisers, consultants and major contributors.
The same ones that help Bush(s), Romney, Biden and the rest of the Washington crowd.
Wake up.

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